Riboxin 2% (Inosine) 5 ml. #10 - Metabolism

Riboxin 2% (Inosine) 5 ml. #10 - Metabolism

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Riboxin 2% (Inosine) 5 ml. - №10 ampoules.

Riboxin is a drug that has anabolic potential and a minimum of side effects, so it is widely used in sports. It increases endurance and stimulates muscle growth, but its main value is protecting the heart from overloads.

Riboxin (Inosine) is used in sports and bodybuilding to achieve the maximum result of strength training. 

This drug is prescribed in the treatment of diseases of the heart, liver, eyes, and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Its therapeutic effect is based on the activation of metabolism in conditions of lack of oxygen and ATP. This quality is very important for anaerobic characteristic of strength training, which led to the use of Riboxin in sports and bodybuilding. 

The active ingredient of Riboxin is Inosine - a compound akin to the tissues of the human body. Inosine is a part of RNA macromolecules that carry oxygen to muscle cells. It also participates in the formation of ATP molecules, which provide energy for all intracellular processes, including the contraction of muscle tissue.

Especially noticeable is the positive effect of Riboxin 2% on the heart muscle. 
  • normalisation of heart rhythm, arrhythmia disappears;
  • increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues of the heart muscle;
  • the power of contractions increases, the volume of blood emitted during one contraction increases, the cardiac muscle becomes more fully relaxed between the beats, that is most favorable for the heart and for the blood supply to all organs;
  • metabolism in the tissues of the heart is activated, and their regeneration is accelerated;
  • the risk of blood clots is reduced by reducing platelet aggregation.

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