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I got six packages delivered to Austria within 9 days without any taxes to pay and without customs problems.

The communication with the supplier is good. The shipment was done the same day I finished the payment and the tracking ID forwarded me the day after.

 Many thanks!

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Omar Vien 09:19:29 08-30-2019

I would like to let you know that I received the parcel today. Thank you very much for the discount and neatly packaged shipment. 

I would like to express my appreciation for the great level of your customer service :)



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Andrew Capetown 09:15:26 08-12-2019

Thank you for the excellent communication.

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Drew Stambul 09:13:54 08-01-2019

Thank you very much to everyone involved, yesterday morning I received a parcel.

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Alaves Barcelona 00:00:00 06-01-2019

Just arrived! Thanks so much; will order again soon.

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Kathryn New York 09:20:09 05-30-2019

YES YES YES!! I have got it. Thank you. If it helps against the infektion, I will be back, as I get the infektion once a year, and have to take antibiotic (pills) in a month to get over it. I really hope, it will help me.

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Jørn Borås 09:05:27 05-30-2019

The delivery of Glutathion came to me today, thank you very nicely. Please write me the link where I want to order the most.

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Don M. 09:14:38 05-01-2019
Thanks! Appreciate that service!

No problem, Mike. Very happy with your business!

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Noel Ottawa 09:18:36 04-01-2019

great prices and quality products well packaged and delivered to UK, Scotland without issues cheers

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Conor Dublin 09:16:34 03-14-2019

I got the package with glutathione all right, thank you very much.

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Kathryn 00:00:00 11-09-2018

Thank you!  Just received today. 

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Liddy Jacksonville 09:08:02 11-01-2018


Thank you so much.

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Andrew L. Phoenix 00:00:00 11-30--0001

Very professional. Easy and prompt communication. Received my order after days. Highly recommend.

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Alberto Los-Angeles 00:00:00 11-30--0001
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