Jintropin 4 IU, №5 + syringes

Jintropin 4 IU, №5 + syringes

Brand: GeneScience Pharmaceuticals (China)
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Jintropin 4 IU №5 vials.


Manufacturer Website: http://en.gensci-china.com


Jintropin is a trade name for biosynthetic DNA-recombinant growth hormone, which is manufactured by the pharmacological company GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD, in Changchun Province, China since 1998.
Jintropin is issued in the vials, filled with the dry lyophilized powder of somatotropin for injections. 
The drug is produced by genetic engineering: the somatotropin gene is introduced into the DNA of Escherichia coli bacteria, these bacteria begin to synthesize high-grade growth hormone as a result.
According to the structure, Jintropin is a peptide consisting of 191 amino acids and has a molecular weight of 22 125 Da. The amino acid sequence of the drug is identical to the amino acid sequence of human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.
One box of Jintropin contains 5 vials of sublimated somatropin powder, 5 ampoules of water for injection in the amount of 1 ml, 5 insulin syringes. The package contains instructions on the use of the drug with the registration number in the Ministry of Health inside.
Each original Jintropin box has an anti-counterfeit non-holographic sticker. To open the box, this sticker should be broken. It is necessary to wipe the silver strip on the sticker with a twelve-character security code. Below the code you will find the inscription "check authenticity on the website".
On a sticker above the stripe with an anti-counterfeit code there is a field of twelve cells with numbers from 1 to 12. 
Dilution and preparation of the solution:
According to the manufacturer, Jintropin is allowed to be diluted with the water for injection. Such a solution is stable for about 48 hours when stored in the refrigerator. Diluted with bacteriostatic water, Jintropin will remain stable - also in the refrigerator - about 10 days. In 2 weeks, the content of the active substance in this solution will be about 7.5 IU instead of 10.
Quality and side effects:
Examination of the quality of Jintropin:
The human body is able to produce antibodies to exogenous growth hormone. In order to reduce the cost of production, manufacturers of cheap drugs save on purification. A growth hormone that has not passed the normal purification procedure of related proteins produced by the bacterium E.coli contains undesirable impurities. As a result, there is a significant increase in the formation of antibodies to such a hormone and a sharp decrease in the effectiveness of the course.
In high-quality drugs, the level of antibody production is within 2%. Jintropin is one of the leaders on this indicator: it is 1.6%
Jintropin has two founding fathers: the first is Dr. Li Jin (Lei Jin), a graduate of Peking University who has been in the US for a long time, the second is a Chinese state. Yes, exactly: Jintropin was created in the framework of the state program of development of the pharmacological industry, China needed its own high-quality synthetic somatotropin.
Initially, all produced Jintropin was purchased by the state. But the company developed, orders from private hospitals and pharmacies appeared, and the production potential of GenSci gradually began to exceed state needs. In 2002, Dzhintropin already owned two-thirds of the domestic market for synthetic growth hormone; it was considered the number one pharmacological brand in China.

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