Glutathione 600 mg (Hepaval) - Antioxydants

Glutathione 600 mg (Hepaval) - Antioxydants

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Glutathione 600 mg (Hepaval) + 4 ml. solution, №10 ampoules

Being synthesized in the liver primarily from amino acids such as L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid and glycine, Glutathione is considered an essential amino acid, although it is believed that only about 100mg of this amino acid can be found in foods that an average person eats (usually in such saturated proteins products, like meat of various animals). 

Even less of the specified amino acid is absorbed by the human body and even smaller amount of it is directly consumed by the body. 

It has been proven that exercise-induced stress reduces glutathione levels in the body and adversely affects endurance performance, immunity and recovery rates, and therefore the use of special supplements that regulate glutathione levels has a beneficial effect on the athlete's physical shape.

Being an antioxidant, Glutathione is designed to help improve athletic performance by protecting cells from damage caused by the production of free radicals during training, especially when their levels exceed the body's ability to defend against those. 

The considered situation may occur when an athlete returns to training and preparation for competitions after a long enough break, begins a new and complex training cycle, or the athlete is exposed to such stresses as being in the mountains, or in a place with smog or very hot or cold climate. 

Studies have shown that if a person experiences these types of stress, then he may face a significant decrease in the levels of glutathione in the body. Increased antioxidant protection, obtained through special supplements, can improve endurance, accelerate the recovery of the body and maintain the health of an athlete during the competitive season. 

Moreover, it is believed that maintaining the levels of glutathione in the body protects athletes from infections and recurring diseases that can in some way prevent athletes from achieving their highest results in training and competition. 

Athletes can benefit from Glutathione, which can result in increased endurance, enhanced protection of the immune system, and accelerated recovery of the body after exercise.

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