Exumid 200 mg. №100 tablets - Supplements

Exumid 200 mg. №100 tablets - Supplements

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Exumid 200 mg. №100 tablets

Main agent: 20-Hydroxyecdysone
ATTENTION! EXUMID is not in the doping list and do not contain anything that could be related for goods from the doping list.
This is not medical product! This is a food supplement!
Tablets weighing 0.2 g.
Ingredients: extract of the shoots of repucci Turkestan, white sugar, potato starch, calcium stearate. 
Biologically active substances, mg/tab., not less than: iridoids to 12.0, ecdisten - of 2.38.
- Increases of protein biosynthesis
- Anabolic and pronounced tonic effect. In contrast to anabolic steroids does not act as the male sex hormone
- Does not reduce the function of sexual glands
- Has no side effects 
- Its activity exceeds the medicinal adaptogenic remedy Saparal and Extract of Eleutherococcus
Exumid has a stimulating effect on metabolic processes in the body, primarily on the biosynthesis of protein.
Protein-anabolic action of Exumid similar to synthetic anabolic steroids (nerobolum et al, Retabolil), but does not exhibit the inherent specific hormonal effects: demolitions, antigonadotropnym, androgenic, uterotropic etc. 
- Increases the adaptive capacity of the organism to adverse environmental factors
- Improves the functional state of the Central nervous system
- Stimulates immuno - and interferonogenesis
- Increases mental and physical performance
- Accelerates the process of recovery after heavy physical exertion
- Cropped the phenomenon of fatigue
- Increases physical and mental performance
- Exumid restores the body of athletes after exercise
- Increases stamina
- Relieves fatigue and irritability
- Provides easy afrodisiac effect and stimulates male potency, it does not cause addiction
Exumid exhibits a tonic effect, stimulates performance, protects from negative impact of various stressors. Exumid increases protein biosynthesis in the body, especially in muscle cells, stimulates erythropoiesis and immunogenesis. Exumid causes favorable shifts in the carbohydrate, lipid and electrolytic exchanges, improves physical and mental condition, increases the functionality of the body. Also Exumid corrects disturbed metabolism in the organs and tissues in various pathological conditions and contributes to their recovery function, it delays the premature aging process.
Description of the pharmacological action
A natural compound of steroid structure from the roots and rhizomes of Rhaponticum carthamoides in a mixture with aerial parts of the endemic plant Ajuga Turkestanica (Ajuga Turkestanica). Has a tonic effect, enhances the process of protein synthesis in the body. Under the influence of the drug shortened the action of sleeping pills is increased physical performance. Unlike anabolic steroids, does not exhibit androgenic, antigonadotropnym, demolitions effects, does not affect the functionality of the adrenal cortex.
Indications for use
In adults as a tonic: astenodepressivnyh syndrome (associated with weakening velocimetery processes during prolonged intoxications, infections), neurasthenia. In a combination therapy - hypotension, intense workouts (dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, especially with severe signs of overstrain of the myocardium and increased protein catabolism), as drugs that improve speed-strength qualities in the preparatory period for competitions.
Release form
tablets 0.2 g;
Hypersensitivity, mental excitement, insomnia, hypertension, epilepsy, hyperkinesis, pregnancy, breast-feeding, increased nervous excitability, high blood pressure, violation of cardiac rhythm,  disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
Side effects
patients with labile nervous system can get an insomnia, increased blood pressure. In these cases, reduce the dose or stop taking the drug in the evening.
Method of application and doses
Inside, before meals, 5-10 mg 3 times a day. The course of treatment - 15-20 days. If necessary it may be repeated after 1-2 weeks of break. In sports medicine - at 0.01-0.02 g 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Higher doses for adults inside: single - 0.025 g daily - 0.1 g. To achieve an optimal anabolic effect along with the use of ecdisten patient must receive food with adequate amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Storage conditions
In a dry, protected from light place, at temperature not above 25 °C. Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life
12 months.

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