Antihypoxic Category

Antihypoxic Category
Antihypoxic is a group of drugs that improve the utilization of oxygen circulating in the body and increase resistance to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). Used in individual countries in the treatment of hypoxia of various etiologies.
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Actovegin 200 mg, 5 ml. №5 ampoules
Actovegin 200 mg (40 mg/ml), 5 ml. №5 ampoules Actovegin contains only physiologically active substances with a molecular weight of !$#lt#$!5000 Da. At the molecular level, the drug accelerates the uptake of oxygen (increases resistance to hypoxia) and glucose, thereby contributing to an incr..
Actovegin 200 mg, №50 tablets
Actovegin 200 mg, №50 tablets The problem of hypoxia is broader than its role in high-profile sports. In a wide range of ischemic conditions of muscle tissue, skin, and even neurons, hypoxia can cause destruction (lysis) of cell membranes, subsequent cell death, accompanied by tissue hyperaci..
Actovegin 400 mg, 10 ml. №5 ampoules
Actovegin 40 mg/ml, 10 ml. №5 ampoules Actovegin is produced on the basis of an extract from blood serum of calves that have not reached the age of one year and includes exclusively physiological components characterized by high bioactivity — low molecular weight organic compounds: amino acid..
Actovegin 80 mg, 2 ml. №25 ampoules
Actovegin 80 mg, 2 ml. №25 ampoules Actovegin has a positive affect on glucose transport and utilization, stimulates oxygen consumption (which leads to stabilization of plasma membranes of cells during ischemia) and reduces lactate production. Use no more than 5 ml injected slowly in the ..
Riboxin 2% (Inosine) 5 ml. #10
Riboxin 2% (Inosine) 5 ml. - №10 ampoules. Riboxin is a drug that has anabolic potential and a minimum of side effects, so it is widely used in sports. It increases endurance and stimulates muscle growth, but its main value is protecting the heart from overloads. Riboxin (Inosine) is use..
Riboxin 200 mg. (Inosine) #50
Riboxin 200 mg. - №50 tablets. Due to the ability of inosine to increase the production of ATP - "fuel" for muscle cells, and provide cellular respiration in conditions of lack of oxygen, it is used in the treatment of ischemic diseases. Ischemia is a violation of the blood supply to the orga..
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